Day: March 6, 2017

Sometimes Being Away at School is a Real Bummer

I adore my parents and really miss them sometimes. I am particularly close to my dad. We spent so much of my childhood together playing his version of football (alas, he had no son), learning to swim, and hiking in the woods. We camped every summer and he taught me to light a fire to cook our dinner. We had an inflatable kayak for runs down the river. I have so many fond memories and tons of photos to prove it. It is hard to grow up and leave for college. You give up these special childhood times and it is never the same when you go home. You are now an adult. You sometimes dream you are still learning how to dive on the high board with dad or are getting help from him with your homework. I helped him celebrate every birthday and it breaks my heart that I must miss the upcoming one. My mom is having a party and I can’t attend as I have finals. I do have a special gift which I am sending. I decided on a really good quality automatic watch that will keep better time than his old one. He never buys things for himself. I feel so bad that I can’t be there to see him open it.

I got a stainless-steel round watch as he is not a gold tone kind of guy. He likes practical things as a rule and nothing fancy. The watch, however, is state of the art and has all the latest bells and whistles. You never have to wind it and it automatically changes twice a year at daylight saving’s time. How fantastic. He always used to complain about being late for appointments. My mother had to remind him or someone had to call him a day ahead. Now he will have no problem making these important dates. The dial is easy to read: black against a white background. The date is visible below the center point. It has Swiss watch making ingenuity. That means top functionality and design. The materials are excellent. It has a sapphire crystal, a see-through exterior and is totally scratch resistant. I love the polished brush finish. While you can spend up to a thousand dollars or more for a self-winding watch, for half that amount I got good value. I know he will love it and think of me every time he looks at his wrist.

I got a phone call from Dad the day the gift arrived. It hit on his birthday so he opened it at once. He told me he was beyond thrilled. I was so thoughtful and the perfect daughter. What more could an offspring want to hear? I had indeed put a lot of thought into the present knowing his needs and taste in mind. I didn’t need to reach too far to prove we were still close. Of course, we still are.