Day: March 9, 2017

Another Successful Fundraiser for Charity

Most people don’t think too much of the greek life. They think that we are a bunch of drunken, stuck-up rich kids who basically sit around hazing each other. That is very untrue. Sure we have parties and the like, but we are college students. There are always social events going on here put on by the greeks or by someone else. While we have our share of bad apples and get bad press sometimes, so do lots of other student organizations.

But we aren’t just about parties.Most greek organizations, especially those with national headquarters, have a philanthropic cause. We actually do good things! Some organizations work on a national level (meaning all the chapters around the country work with the same charitable group) and others work within their communities. Either way, greek organizations donate money, time, and their talents to benefit others on a regular basis. It was one of the reasons I wanted to join greek life in the first place! My sorority focuses on raising funds and awareness for women’s heart disease (because it is actually the number one killer of women). Because it is such a widespread issue, we can work it on two fronts—locally right here around theschooland on the national level. We went to a few women’s groups and taught them the early warning signs for heart attacks in women, and we also do fundraisers and other events.

And that is where I come in!

I decided to throw a sweetheart dance (get it?) and sell tickets. I chose a night after a big game here at school so that there would be lots of people around looking for something to do afterward. And to further the campaign, we made it a Go Red For Women event—meaning instead of putting on your little black dress, we asked all the ladies to wear a red dress instead. I had a catering menu of heart-healthy foods that everyone loved. Lots of elegant fish, grilled chicken, and steamed veggies.  Believe it or not, there were hardly any leftovers! We also had a donation table at the door, as well as some signs made up by some of my sisters who are nursing students with some reality-check information on it about women and heart disease. We sold a bunch of tickets in advance but we had even more at the door, which was great. We ended up with a lot of money to donate to charity. People kept telling me what a great time they had. Both of those things made all the energy and thought I put into this dance really worth it. It is one thing to have a packed house full of people having a good time and it is a whole other feeling knowing that they are all together because of something you thought of and knowing that it is helping a worthy cause.

Well, time to get this makeup off my face and then I am off to bed. Night!