Day: March 15, 2017

Midterms Suck!

No one likes midterms even though it means that the semester is half over and we are that much closer to our life goals. We love school and being in a sorority and find it all a wonderful way to pass the time to full adulthood when we are responsible for ourselves. Being on your own seems far away as I think about it and now is the time to make most of communal fun. We can beat mid-term stress as a group by having a diversion. Nothing that would take us away from our studies, but an activity that would be fun and a stress buster. I vote for a children’s style party in the backyard, complete with a cotton-candy machine and an inflatable bounce house. Of course, there will be great food and drink and we will invite our neighbors in the adjacent sorority houses. It will be a big bash.

The bounce house was the most fun because while we have had outdoor parties, we never had this accoutrement. It is not just for kids. We all loved jumping up and down inside and hiding among the rubber colored balls. We weren’t completely hidden like tots are, but it was silly fun. We laughed so much that our stomachs hurt. We spent all day outside on a glorious sunny day. We took lots of photos to put on Instagram which would help us recruit new members come next fall. We certainly look like we are having a super good time. We only had to pry one girl away from her books. The rest of us preferred the diversion and got back to studying later that night after a fabulous barbecue. It was simple far, hotdogs and hamburgers, but perfect for a childhood theme. Do you remember those bounce houses that your patents rented for birthdays when you were a kid? We all associate them with the freedom and laughter of childhood.

It was hysterical how two or more people in a bounce house can crash into each other. These inflatables are designed for small kids. They come in themes like boats, castles, spaceships, and animals. You can put whatever you want inside on top of the balls. They are a nice cushion, but you might want more inflatable vinyl as the floor. You can hide candy and prizes and have a scavenger hunt. We must do this more often, but midterms come but twice a year. We won’t fear them if we know we can associate them with some group fun. Our sorority has the reputation for special events that are unique and satisfying. No boring frat parties with too much warm beer for us. We can blast music from our sorority house speakers to attract those near and far. We let the world know that this is an exciting time of life for those in our age group. It is said that you never forget your college years. I know I won’t.