Day: March 19, 2017

So Proud of Daphne

As we progress through college from freshmen to senior year, change is imminent. Some of the girls leave to go on for higher education to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, or accountants. One of my sorority sisters, Daphne, has been accepted to her preferred nursing school. I am so proud of her. Always the event planner in the group, I am going to throw a party. It will have a medical theme and the decorations will reflect it. It is hard to be amusing with hospital items, but I am going to be funny with a heating bag (so old-fashioned, but we all know it and associate it with ailments). The bag will hang over the table and small flowing flower will shoot out from its sides like floral liquid from punctures. There will be party favors consisting of candy pills in plastic bottles. The place mats are those waterproof cloths they use in hospitals. I just have to cut them in half. I will not, however, serve hospital food on trays, but that would be hysterical. It would spoil the party as what you eat and drink at a party is everything.

The girls are all chipping in to get a really good stethoscope and they can cost a pretty penny. We want her to start out right. We got a 3M Littmann 27 inch electronic ambient noise reduction model. This brand is tops in the business. Not knowing the details, I checked out the specifications. The new technology for this item cancels out on average 85% of background noise that is known to interfere during auscultation. It stores 12 second tracks onboard as well as a ten-second comment to notate the sound. How fabulous is that! I like the idea of the snap tight soft-sealing eartips. It should make for better comfort while the tight seal takes care of ambient noise. It has to have a state-of-the-art sound sensor. With a stethoscope, that’s what it is all about. It is akin to a high-end cardiology model. It has great sound amplification and is highly rated by users for trouble-free operation.

One sorority sister who knows her way around stethoscopes, having worked as a teen in her father’s office, added that it has a USB drive and comes with free software for heart and lung sound visualization. I can see that we are getting our money’s worth. I am flabbergasted by the ability to store sounds in patient records or transfer them to doctors for analysis. You can select the type of head and tubing you want and I am glad that my sorority sister knew just what that meant. Who knew that a stethoscope can have Bluetooth features to transmit sounds. I didn’t know that it mattered that a stethoscope be lightweight and comfortable to use. A real bonus is that you can have your name printed on the tubing so it is visible to patients. What a gem hanging around a nurse’s neck!