Day: March 28, 2017

New Room in the House!

I live in a sorority house on campus and I love it. You are never alone and can seek company whenever you like. You can go to the lounge, sit on the back patio listening to music with earphones, or go from room to room to see who is at home. You have “sisters” galore and loneliness is not an option. You can invite family and friends any time you like during visiting hours. The rooms are spacious and well equipped. All you do is bring your clothing, a pillow, and a nice quilt. They supply linens, towels, and the rest. Each room has curtains and a cute colorful rug. It is as good as your room at home. You can fill the walls with posters, photos, artwork, or whatever you like. You take it down when you leave. Sometimes at the beginning of the school year, we change rooms. Some people want a roommate or a different window view. New pledges are arriving and we must accommodate them. Usually it is a matter of random luck what you get. If you know the house well, you can make a request. That’s what I just did. One girl was leaving to go for a semester abroad and she had a huge room at the end of one hall. It had a double bed which suits me fine. I like to stretch out. I wanted this room and put in my dibs for it.

I prevailed and found myself moving my stuff one afternoon. I first had to go out and find a highly recommended mattress protector in just the right size. This may be silly, but I didn’t like the idea of sleeping on the same mattress as a hundred other girls who had once lived in this room. I know they change them now and then, but who knows how long it had been. If you don’t bring your own mattress (and who does that?), you take what you can get. So, what if there are sorority sisters of yore who haunt the room with their memories. I will take care of the mattress with my new protector. It is easy to slip on and zip up and it is made of waterproof fabric vinyl. This means that it is soft and comfortable. No dust mites can ever slip out from the old mattress. You are assured of no risk to your health. They don’t cost a fortune and are essential for anyone who lives in an old boarding house. Isn’t that what a sorority is?

The mattress protector fit perfectly and I could slip over the top my bottom sheet without tearing it in the corners. My quilt was a tiny bit small but I also bought a cut lace bed skirt so it looked fine. The pillow shams are in the same cut lace so it looks like grandma’s room at home. With the rug in this new larger room (much bigger and more attractive than my old one), it makes for a welcoming space.