Think of the Parties We Could Have!

26 Mar

Think of the Parties We Could Have!

My job in the sorority is to plan the events, large and small. Fortunately, the girls like to party so we have lots of things always going on. We have had a formal ball with a couple of fraternities, a Halloween bash in costume, a Christmas gift exchange, numerous barbecues and pot luck dinners, and of course a Valentine’s Day sweetheart dance. I just keep thinking up things to do to socialize and have fun. We go on hikes, beach outings, scavenger hunts, and picnics. We are a very active group.

I doubt if I will run out of ideas but just in case I asked the house mother to put in a large, sturdy inflatable above ground pool in the empty backyard. It is not being used for anything except our patio barbecues. There is a ton of space and all future sorority members will love it. I did some research online and showed her the prices and models. She said she would check the sorority funds that had been collected over the years from dues. We could also have a fund-raising party and invite former members who wanted to keep the fun alive. Our alumna keep in touch so this would be an excellent way to proceed once the house mother approves. We measured the space and looked for a pool that would be large enough and not be mistaken for a kiddie size. When I say inflatable, I mean high-quality vinyl on a movable frame. There are even steps that descend into the water for easy access and retreat. There can be a heater and an automatic cleaning system so no one will have pool chores. You can use chemicals if you like and we would buy the most non-toxic. I am getting very excited thinking of the parties we could have. When we entertain on premises it is always inside and we miss the opportunity to enjoy ourselves on balmy nights.

The pool would be an asset to the sorority and it could serve for private use apart from an opportunity to invite guests. There is nothing like a cool dip to enliven the senses on a really hot summer afternoon. It may not be for swimming as there would be no lanes, but you could bring kids over and splash about. As one of our sorority do good projects, we visit a local children’s club and they don’t have a pool. It is more about daycare than anything else and they need volunteers. Some of us go on a regular basis and having an above ground pool would be a real coup. I am begging the house mother and she seems to be coming around.

Pool update: it is two months later and the pool has been installed. It is a beautiful azure blue with deep purple trim around the edges that is in lieu of the tile you find in permanent in-ground pools. The girls give me all the credit and are excited about the inauguration party I have planned. You are all invited.