Month: July 2020

A Chance of a Lifetime

I’ve always been good at organizing. Just ask my mother. She is the complete opposite of me. When I was five, I color-coded her dresses one hot summer day, when she was at work and I was at home, because I was bored and they really bothered me. You can’t imagine my satisfaction afterward. I felt like I had found my calling in life, and I still remember that feeling. It’s just that I was so young that I didn’t know what to do with it.

My mother is the type of person who likes her ‘organized mess’, as she likes to call it, so when she saw what I’d done she acknowledged my hard work and praised me for it, and then shuffled her dresses again. How rude. That was painful to watch, but I wasn’t heartbroken. I knew I had to find other ways to employ my talents. There was still so much around the house that needed to be organized, like the kitchen appliances at, or the cleaning supplies.

Then came school, and I don’t think I need to tell you how my notebooks looked, I will leave it to your imagination, but I have to tell you, it was glorious. Some people are naturals at some things, and for me, that happens to be organization, it comes instinctively. Sure, it does make my life easier sometimes, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t struggle to decide what to wear on a Friday night!

My talents really came to shine in my sorority, or so I thought. It was great organizing almost all the social events and the parties, and all that, but you know, I had bigger goals. I’d get hired to do some bigger social events here and there, and that really helped me to build my reputation.

Then, two weeks ago, came a proposal for organizing a major business awards event. Wow. I screamed. Twice. This was a major thing! It’s not only good for my future career as a respected event planner, but also as a learning experience. I couldn’t believe I got so lucky to get this break, I was so grateful. Of course I was nervous too, but I had this feeling like I’d been preparing myself for something like this my whole life.

So, right now I’m in the middle of the preparations and it’s going great. It does get a bit stressful, especially when you depend on people to get a job done, but I’m being patient and understanding, because it is teamwork, after all.